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Smart Energy Management

Optimise Energy Use
Metis Energy can cut energy costs by up to 35% per year.

smart refrigeration

Refrigeration As A Service
Buy cooling from us, instead of operating your own plant

Smart Energy Management

Demand Management
Let Metis Energy optimise the timing of your energy use to minimise energy cost.

smart energy management

Retro-fit any Installation
Now every refrigeration installation can be made smart.

Smart Energy Management

Refrigeration as a Service


Reputable experts take over all aspects of running your refrigeration plant. 

You receive cash for your existing plant. We may choose to optimize the plant, or replace it with a brand new plant if the existing plant is not reliable or efficient enough.

We Buy

We pay you cash for your existing refrigeration system.

We Operate

We take full responsibility to operate and maintain the system

Low Monthly Payments

You only pay for the actual cooling you consume

Save Money

Move from reactive refrigeration maintenance (breakdown maintenance) to Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM) with Metis Monitoring and cut cost by up to 66% per year.

Avoid Outages

Costly outages are now a thing of the past! Metis Monitoring lets you know the moment your refrigeration system needs attention, well before expensive repairs, spoilage and waste occur.

Find Leaks

Leaks happen. And are frequently found way too late. Replacing refrigerant is costly. With Metis Monitoring you find leaks early – before they cause real trouble.

Works with any Installation

In the past, only high-end refrigeration systems had any form of automated monitoring which was out of reach for most operators. Now, thanks to advances in technology, every refrigeration installation, new or existing, can now be made smart.

What Is RaaS

Refrigeration as a Service (RaaS) is a utility model where you buy refrigeration from us, paying only for the refrigeration that you use, for a fixed cost per unit of metered usage. We assume all the costs, risk and responsibility for the operation of the refrigeration plant.

There are two cases:

  • We buy your existing refrigeration plant, paying you a fair price.
  • We build (and pay for) a new refrigeration plant.

In both cases we own and operate the refrigeration plant, and you get to use it.

How It Works

1. We upgrade or install a new energy efficient refrigeration system

2. We operate and maintain the complete refrigeration system to ensure reliable cooling and reduce your management overheads.

3. We charge you an affordable fixed monthly fee for availability, maintenance and 15 year guarantee, as well as a variable, per-use charge for the cooling (kWhR) you use.

4. We refund you for the electricity that the refrigeration system consumes from your supplier.


Less Product Loss

24×7 monitoring and immediate response ensures the system is up.

No Management Headaches

We take full responsibility for plant repair.

Guaranteed Energy

100% without worries.

buy cooling from us, instead of operating your own plant:

  1. Reduced capex required.
  2. Lower Risk of product losses and breakdown costs.
  3. Lower operational costs.
  4. Enhanced reliability associated with a well engineered and operated refrigeration plant.
  5. Improved temperature control and hence product quality.
  6. You can monitor temperatures, cooling consumption and any system alarms remotely through our mobile monitoring solution.
  7. Your team can focus on your core business.

“we are saving power without the headache of having to look after the plant. It just make sense.”

The typical contract period is fifteen years. You have the option of ending the contract earlier by purchasing the refrigeration system from us. The purchase value at any point during the contract is included upfront in the cooling sales agreement.


Metis Monitoring is born out of 30 years of engineering experience in the commercial and industrial refrigeration sector. We’ve developed technology that allows us to adapt the cooling as a service (CaaS) business model and apply it to Commercial & Industrial refrigeration plants.

  • Reactive Maintenance or Breakdown Maintenance – $18/kw/yr
  • Preventive Maintenance – $13/kw/yr
  • Predictive Maintenance – $9/kw/yr
  • RCM with Metis Monitoring – $6/kw/yr

Savings on Maintenance


with a Metis Monitoring system

Elimination of Breakdowns


with a Metis Monitoring system

No more guesswork

9 Vital Indicators

Now know exactly what’s happening. Follow temperature, refrigerant pressures, cycle times, cycle frequency and power consumption down to fans and compressors. View real-time data as well as historical trends. Gain the power, insight and peace of mind that SMART refrigeration delivers.

Room Temperature

Know that your refrigerator is doing its job. See current and historical temperature trends

Door Activity

Make certain that refrigerator door activity is kept to a minimum and that the room never is left open.

Suction Pressure & Temperature

Track current and historical suction superheat levels to guard against flood-backs or compressor overheating.

Ambient Temperature & Humidity

Is a hot or cold day affecting things? Are things to dry or too wet? Metis Monitoring keeps taps on that too.

Liquid Pressure & Temperature

Know liquid sub-cooling levels now and in the past. Keep a sharp eye out for condenser and filter-drier health.

Compressor & Fan Power

Learn when compressor or fans are working too hard or too little. Long before expensive repairs.

Getting Started

It’s simple to get your Metis Monitoring system up and running. Any existing refrigeration system can be retro-fitted in less than a day with real time data being tracked instantly.


We do a complete site-survey and then deploy a comprehensive set of cloud-enabled monitoring sensors on your refrigeration system.

One-time equipment & setup fee


Gain access to real-time and historical data 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from your smartphone, tablet or laptop – anywhere.

Monthly Fee per system


Advanced correlation and in-depth historical analysis may reveal more serious issues. If you need extra help, our team of experts are standing by.

Additional fee per case

Low Cost Monthly Plans


Site inspection by technician and install of Metis Monitoring equipment

Nominal Setup Fee

one off charge per site

Monthly Monitoring

A basic monthly charge as part of a fixed term plan (typically 24 months)

Low Monthly Charge

Per site/month x 24mths

Advanced Diagnosis

Monthly on-call service: 24/7 expert standby, reporting, remote health checks, phone support.

Support Package

Per site/month


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