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The Metis Monitoring System

Gain the power, insight and peace of mind that SMART refrigeration delivers.

Refrigeration trouble frequently happens when no one is looking. Let’s face it, you have better things to do. But what if modern technology could be applied to your refrigeration system? What if you could automate the monitoring of the entire system and have the power to know exactly what’s going on, all the time. Now you can!

Non-invasive Monitoring

SMART refrigeration is here. Yet, older refrigeration units were built and deployed years ago. These are the systems you rely on for your business. Any scheduled downtime is a serious disruption to your operation. It is good news that Metis Monitoring is 100% non-invasive. Sensors and electronic pressure gauges are installed on your system while it is up and running. Any refrigeration system can be retrofitted to make it SMART – regardless of it’s age.

Comprehensive Data Gathering

In the past, the most advanced refrigeration system operators would monitor refrigerator temperature. But temperature is only a lagging indicator. Once the temperature is rising, the refrigeration has already stopped working as designed.

Examining temperature alone is also not nuanced enough to gain to full picture of your systems health – especially when the objective is predictive diagnosis and early warning. In order to see the whole picture of what is going on with your refrigeration system, Metis Monitoring constantly keeps track of not one or two – but nine vital indicators from temperatures and line pressures to humidity and power consumption. Having a system that correlates trends on such a wide pool data, is what enables you to see into the future and catch small emerging problems before they cause real harm.

Real-time Diagnostics

Get a jump on equipment break-downs. Refrigeration relies on the controlled condensation under pressure. As a result, two key elements are central to a healthy refrigeration system: correct line temperatures and line pressures. Normally, such vital statistics are only gathered when a HVAC-R technician brings his tools one site and by then it may be too late.

Metis Monitoring automatically gathers vital data and enables remote diagnostics of the actual refrigerant pressure-temperature relationship and conditions, as it is occurring on your refrigeration system. Metis Monitoring sensors distributed across your system, provides a holistic view and can immediately let you know if the refrigerant is saturated, subcooled or superheated. You no longer have to wait for the repairman to show up. Now you have the power to pinpoint exactly where problems may arise – long before they turn into expensive repairs, large refrigerant re-charge bills, breakdowns or spoilage.

Cloud-based Multi-site monitoring

Adopting a SMART refrigeration strategy across multiple sites has never been easier. The Metis Monitoring system make use of the latest cloud computing technology. Each site wirelessly connects to the Metis Cloud where data is logged for unit history and trend analysis.

Being cloud-based, this also means that you can access your freezer or coolers vital health data, whether you are on the road on or in a remote office. Simply log in to the Metis cloud from either your smart phone or laptop and all the data is there – from every system, from every location, 24/7. Now, that’s SMART!

Getting Started is Easy

First, one of friendly techs will do a site survey to determine numbers of compressors, refrigerant type and the best place to install the system. Then, Metis Monitoring is installed and we start collecting data. If there are any immediate issues, we will point them out and suggest a plan to get your system working as it should.

Once everything is up and running, you can use your smart phone or laptop to receive alerts and examine real-time, as well as historical data. Now you know exactly what is going on with your freezers, refrigerators, and walk-in coolers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Metis Monitoring be fitted to an existing system that already has an existing control system?

Yes, Metis Monitoring works in parallel with existing controls and does not interfere with the system operation and control in any way.

My existing system alerts me to alarms and faults that occur on the controller. Why do I need Metis Monitoring?

Metis Monitoring does not use set alarm or fault values, but learns system operation intelligently and alarms when things change – this minimizes irritating false alarms. You can use it in parallel to your existing system to verify or reject any alarm or fault messages.

I may need to replace my refrigeration system in the near future. Should I wait until the new system is installed before I get Metis Monitoring?

No, Metis Monitoring is easily transferred from one system to another, so you can benefit from Metis Monitoring in the interim. As older systems are often more prone to fault. Fitting Metis Monitoring may reduce the normally high running costs for such an old system.

I have a compressor rack with many rooms and display cases connected to it. How does Metis Monitoring work in this case?

For rack systems a Metis Monitoring system can be configured to monitor the compressor rack in detail and the remote condenser only and you can continue using your existing systems for monitoring room and case temperatures, or additional Metis Monitoring units can be used to monitor all rooms and cases also. It is highly configurable.

What faults can Metis Monitoring detect that my existing system cannot?

Most existing systems create alarms on pre-set high or low levels of temperature, pressure, current or liquid levels, depending on the system. The Metis Monitoring system uses artificial intelligence to learn the operation of your system and then recognizes more complex faults, such as compressor short-cycling, liquid floodback, excessive suction superheat, blocked condensers and refrigerant loss or overcharge, iner alia. Generally identifying such faults requries on-site technician investigation.


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